Our vision - to transform access to medical care

The founding principles of the NHS are that medical care should be universal and free at the point of use. But the principles are worthless if at the time of need, care is not available and accessible. To make this happen requires practical means, systems of access and operation which are shown to work and can be continuously improved.

General Practice is the bedrock of the NHS and has been the envy of the world. The registered list, cradle to grave primary care in a local setting, with relationship continuity, led by GPs and funded by capitation, all are vital components. But they are under pressure from high workload, difficult recruitment and organisational neglect.

Our first concern is for patients as looking after them must be the core purpose of the NHS and any health care system. Measuring what matters to patients and their outcomes is central to our work and gives us continual feedback for improvement. However, fulfilment of GPs and all staff is also essential and we are most concerned that work should be manageable and enjoyable. “You gave me a new lease of life” is a frequent response and very important to us.

Fine words, but they are not enough without a method to achieve them. From the original GP pioneers to the latest analysis and software, we have asked “what works, why does it work and how can it work better?”. We do not subscribe to the lazy notion that “No one size fits all” which allows mediocrity to flourish unchallenged. We are continually developing and adapting what we do to provide an ever better answer to the question set by W Edwards Deming, “By what method?”

Success Stories

Our vision is to transform access to medical care.

Meet The Team

Harry Longman

Founder, Chief Executive

An engineer by training, Harry founded GP Access in 2011 after discovering some GPs who had invented a new system, and producing the evidence of its astonishing effects. With interests in research, analysis and systems thinking, he is fascinated by how things work and could work better. Sadly he is never satisfied and keeps coming up with new ideas. He promises to stop when there are no more problems. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the European Forum for Primary Care EFPC.

Connie Lord

Operations Manager

Connie has a master’s degree in healthcare administration/executive leadership and has managed healthcare projects here and in America. The Lords moved to the UK in 2001 for their church ministry. A consummate problem-solver and innovator, Connie thrives on detail and knows the value of questioning things, but she also believes in drawing straight lines and taking action. Life’s too short to spend it running around in mazes.

Dr Simon Coupe

Medical Director

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Ian Barratt

Training Partner

Ian is an established leader, manager and consultant with a track record in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. He is an adept facilitator and enjoys the challenge of change. He has worked in NHS primary care with GPs, dentists, optometrists and pharmacists and understands their challenges. Ian’s principal hobby is singing as a soloist and in professional choirs. He has two sons.

Paul Duxbury

Training Partner

Paul is a marketer by profession, with extensive experience in senior client-side and consulting roles in the UK and overseas. Paul brings Practice Management expertise to GP Access, having recently worked for a GP surgery in the North West. Paul is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and in his spare time, a keen target-rifle shooter.

Ellen Pirie

Training Partner

Ellen has worked in NHS Acute Trusts responsible for business development including improving relationships with GPs. Previously she held sales and marketing roles in the IT industry. She has recently been learning how to use Improvement Science to improve patient flow. Ellen is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. She enjoys walking, quilting and singing in a local Ladies Choir.

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