How to use the askmyGP app

To make using askmyGP more convenient for patients we have developed an ‘app’ that lets you keep askmyGP on your home screen.

Depending on your device, you can also choose to allow integration with your camera (for photos of symptoms), authentication (one less password to remember) and receive notifications (no more missed emails). n.b. apple does not currently permit notifications.

To install the app, please follow the instructions below.

PWA guide for Android (pdf)

Use your android device to go your GP Practice Website and log into askmyGP

1. Look for the menu icon (three bars)
2. Tap the menu icon and select ‘Enable Notifications’
3. Tap the menu icon (again) and select ‘Add to home screen’
4. Confirm when prompted – tap ‘Add’

PWA guide for iOS (pdf)

Please note: You must be using a device running iOS 11.3 (or later) or macOS 10.13.4 (or later).  You must start the process using the Safari browser (these constraints are set by Apple, not askmyGP).

1. Go to your GP Practice website using Safari. Log in to askmyGP and tap the Share button
2. Tap the icon labelled Add to Home Screen.
3. Tap Add in the upper right corner.
4. Use the app as normal

Some desktop browsers will support notifications and an app.  Please see the instructions for browsers below:

PWA guide Chrome (pdf)

PWA guide Firefox (pdf)

PWA guide Edge (pdf)