Online consultations for all - your CCG fully covered by your GP Forward View allocation, 25p per patient per year


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askmyGP brings together a set of well proven technologies, but with the philosophy that they must enable rather than drive service improvement.


Online technology enables more convenient, more timely, more precise and detailed communication.
The core IMH history taking software embodies 20 years of development, containing some 80,000 clinical questions, 


GP Access has delivered transformational change to over 100 practices around the UK, including CCGs, GP federations and health boards.  See our sister site

Recent Papers

Our policy is to publish and disseminate detailed findings from user practices.  Examples from UK and European conferences here, with links to further international publications.

  • Patients liked it, they found it easy to use and the barriers about getting hold of their physician dropped immediately.

  • Fantastic! I could not get such a detailed history in the 10 minutes I have to see the patient. Asks all the relevant questions and presents it in a quick easy to read format. Brilliant.

  • The initial results show an overwhelming success, with superb patient experience so far.

  • Having used the Instant Medical History (IMH) questionnaire Process, I am keen to continue using this approach, which clearly provides tangible benefits to both the patient and the General Practitioner. The system appears safe and secure in use and was very easy to access online.


Patients have already moved online

According to Ofcom figures, by 2016 75% of UK adults owned a smartphone, 57% using one to access the internet. Industry figures put this higher at 85% by Q1 2017.

Ofcom puts broadband at home at 81% of adults. The numbers are growing strongly across all age ranges, and the UK does more shopping online than any other country.

Will patients still be able to phone in?

They certainly will - there is no pressure to change.

Some patients will want to phone in, as they are used to doing. But by helping those who can benefit from online access, phone lines are freed up and service improved for those who can’t.

20% channel shift proven

UK experience over two years has shown high patient satisfaction and where response is rapid, a channel shift of 20%.

From 37,000 episodes patients have left 5,600 feedbacks, praising the simplicity and convenience of the service.

Fast or slow response, the choice is yours.

We know that patient satisfaction is driven largely by speed of response, and trust through personal service. A named GP is important to about one in four.

The faster the practice responds, the more patients will be encouraged to use the askmyGP service and online entry point. The more they use the service, the more time is saved for the practice and GPs.

However, by choosing a next day response a practice can try out the service at very low volumes.


Success in Northern Ireland

GPs, staff and patients from four practices in Northern Ireland explain how they have transformed their working lives through adopting a demand led system.

"Patients were angry because they were waiting so long." turns to "They’re loving it now" - receptionist.

Our big concern was that demand would increase... It's been a revelation

- Dr Tom Black

"From being very skeptical... I’m very positive"  Donna Casey, manager

"Our big concern was that demand would increase... It's been a revelation"  Dr Tom Black.  "The GPs are more relaxed... we have improved our continuity of care."

They can now respond to patients within minutes, from demand either by telephone or askmyGP online, offer a choice of GP and see those needing a face to face consultation on the same day. They tell their own story.