Patient Identity Management

askmyGP provides secure communication, management of continuity, detailed case history and analysis of frequent users of service.


When you are helping a patient remotely, it’s vital above all that you know who they are. Equally, making it hard for patients to verify themselves creates a barrier and cuts online usage to a fraction of its potential.


With askmyGP we’ve always taken the view that patient identity should be both secure and easy to manage using the best available tools. Patients start from your website, not by having to visit the practice, and they enter their details. In the background, we check them against the NHS Spine, matching them with the practice and adding their NHS number. It’s then a single click to identify them on your clinical system. When you contact the patient for the first time, any member of staff can verify them once for all.


The patient now has a secure login by email and strong password, and you can rely on their identity without having to check each time. It’s just as simple for proxies, parents, carers and nursing homes who together make up 15% of demand.

For the practice, strong identity management adds up to ease of use, security and peace of mind.

askmyGP Enables:

Choice & Control

Equity of Access

Network Management

Simple, Plain Language Interface

Effective Triage & Prioritisation

Superior Data & Analytics