Pathfinder Diagnostic - Understanding your Practice

Drowning in demand, but struggling for ideas?
Short of GP sessions, and can't recruit?
You know this matters, but finding a way out has to be simple.
Our Pathfinder process is typically completed within two weeks or less.

6 Simple Steps to Success

Benefits: Understand demand, capacity, service quality and efficiency using our sophisticated analysis of qualitative and quantitative measures.

Explore the potential for change, and understand the effects of askmyGP in your practice.

Step 1

Select a lead to ensure all take part. Partners and Managers reflect on their vision for the practice. All staff consider patient service, their job now and how they want it to be.

Step 2

Your IT admin will take half an hour to upload two years of anonymous data from your system.

Step 3

Your Practice Manager will spend 20 minutes completing a typical week's clinician rota.

Step 4

askmyGP do the rest, typically within two weeks from receipt of order

Step 5

We create a complete picture of your operations, distil your views, and show how things could be different. You'll understand your demand, capacity, service and efficiency through our GP Navigator suite.

Step 6

We report back to your partners, and you keep all the results to play with. The goal is consensus on change, and if you reach it, you've done the hardest part.

Next Steps

How much will it cost?

- £2300 plus travel and vat with on-site feedback.
- £1500 plus vat with remote video feedback.
- In either case, £1500 will be credited towards your Transform programme, if you proceed to launch within 6 weeks of the feedback meeting.