askmyGP for Regions

For CCGs, ICSs, Health Boards, federations and similar organisations, askmyGP can be extended to optimise management of shared resources at regional scale.

Through the askmyGP system, patient requests can be directed by their practices to specialist clinics or services, such as physiotherapy, community mental health or diagnostic services, according to which partner in the network is providing the service.

Supporting Healthcare economies

askmyGP Region builds further on Practice and Network level capabilities to manage patient requests across an entire Region, CCG or Health Board. Patient requests can be shared or transferred to any provider in the locally defined network.

Comprehensive reporting across all linked providers helps to improve performance and reduce variation. Knowledge is provided both to front line users for feedback and understanding, and local leaders to develop the whole system.

Sophisticated Analytics

Reporting and comparison of performance across all providers aids improvement to patient services and informs wider commissioning decisions.