Explore askmyGP from end to end, in minutes

askmyGP is unique, a new way in for patients, workflow management for practices, and for GPs, the means to regaining control.

While it also offers new modes of consulting for GPs, it retains and enhances the care and continuity at the heart of general practice.

To help you understand the system as a whole, we’ve put together four user stories which you can follow from the patient and the practice point of view, learning some of the features of askmyGP on the way.

It becomes clear that this is not a bolt-on, it’s the new way to work...

Patient Stories

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James has had a headache on and off since last night. He works in a high pressure job and doesn’t want to take time off, but is unable to concentrate on his emails.


Beryl (female, 67) has had a cough for 4 days. She normally feels well and enjoys walking her dog daily but she now can’t sleep properly and this is bothering her.


Barry (m, 41) is a carer for Martin (m, 82). Martin had some tests done at the hospital last week and they are anxiously waiting for the results.


Amira (f, 39) is a mum with two school age kids. She is concerned when her son Hussein (m, 9) has a rash that doesn’t go away. It’s a busy Tuesday morning when she decides to contact the GP.

How to use askmyGP


How it works in your GP practice