Superior Data and Analytics

askmyGP facilitates practice management, improvement activity and complete control over the wider effects of system usage.

One of the benefits of using askmyGP is that we offer very detailed analytics to support practices.

Our analytics service supports practices to monitor activity in order to help capacity management and to support improvement.

We provide analysis of incoming activity patterns by providing analysis by hour, day, week and also over longer time scales to help analyse long term trends in incoming requests. In addition, we monitor key metrics about how the practice responds. For example:

  • The speed of response
  • The method of closure (compared to the requested method)
  • Patient feedback
  • Patient demographics
  • Continuity
  • Repeat user frequency

And many more. All of these help practices understand their patterns of activity and the effectiveness of their responses.

These metrics enable practices to understand their patient needs/wants and to adapt their processes to match demand as effectively as possible given their available resources. Practices can, for example, check their internal processes by comparing metrics like closure time across different staff members. Or can understand whether changes in closure times impact patient satisfaction. Built in analyses can enable practices to identify very frequent users and, if necessary, identify why some patients make very frequent requests and adapt their responses to reduce unnecessary repeat requests.

All of the metrics are available both for long runs of time and for near real-time analysis. This enables better responses to short term issues and analysis of longer-term trends, both of which can enable practices to develop better ways to develop their operating models to match the demand they face.

askmyGP Enables:

Choice & Control

Patient Identity Management

Equity of Access

Network Management

Simple, Plain Language Interface

Effective Triage & Prioritisation