Simple, Plain Language Interface

askmyGP allows patients to describe their problem in their own words, without complex menus or questionnaires.

Patients and carers in all decades of life find the uncluttered, clear interface, easy to use. Submitting their query simply and easily leaves the phones free for those who have not got the technology or the capability.

Prior to answering just three questions about their condition, patients and carers can access the self-help provided by NHS. The questions simply ask what is wrong and for how long the patient has had the condition, providing space to outline their concerns and include photos if appropriate. Our data shows that the majority of patients would like their query answered but do not necessarily want a face to face appointment; currently about 10% of patients want face to face, pre COVID this was closer to 30%.

Those for whom English is a second language find it helpful to take time to elaborate on their concerns in the comfort of their home without the pressure of being in a time limited consultation with their GP or other health professional.

Making life easier for patients
askmyGP - reduces waiting time for appointments

The same uncluttered, clear interface is used when the patient wants to view the practice response. If responses are provided via messaging, the patient/carer will have a summary of the outcome of the consultation.

Across all of the practice circa 70% of patients and carers use the system online with the remaining 30% submitting requests via the phone demonstrating that patients and carers alike can navigate the system with relative ease.

  • Far better than making an appointment to see a doctor then having to travel to the surgery.

askmyGP Enables:

Choice & Control

Patient Identity Management

Equity of Access

Network Management

Effective Triage & Prioritisation

Superior Data & Analytics