Transform - our most popular package

Happier GPs, Happier Staff and Happier Patients

Benefits on the scale of "I got my life back", "I rediscovered why I love general practice" and "this saved our business" won't be achieved by tiny changes. Transform is one fast, fun, fabulous change, and then support for the whole year.  At £1.90/patient (plus travel and vat) for the first year it's our best value for return on investment.

For subsequent years there's no tie-in, but we recommend Improve Pro at 79p/patient/year or 7p/month plus vat.

askmyGP online and video consultations are included as standard with unlimited volumes and all features.


GPs and staff overwhelmed?

  • GP workload stress reduces significantly - no more "duty doctor" nightmare - everyone working in the same way
  • GPs feel more in control and feeling of working as a team improves Reception team stress reduced as decision on appointment allocation now done by GPs based on clinical need - not patient pressure
  • Improve resilience by enabling your practice to manage demand


Grumbling, frustrated patients?

  • Reduces waiting time for appointments <1 day
  • Phone access issues reduce as patient learn they can phone anytime during the working day (and with askmyGP they can submit queries any time)
  • Patients like fast response
  • Most patients like not having to travel to surgery


Worried that capacity is wasted?

  • Frees up GP capacity - can either take savings or invest in proactive care
  • Reduces DNAs
  • Appropriate navigation to the right clinicians

What does Transform include?


A personal training partner for your practice to guide and support your team through the programme, ensuring questions are answered and providing onsite support for key meetings and for Launch Day.


Precise analysis understanding of your starting point through our GP Navigator suite, based on two years operational data extracted from your clinical system.


Our Loadmaster planning model is based on analysis of hundreds of GP practices. Demand is predictable, enabling you to set staffing levels for each day of the week, and plan the day around incoming flow.


Professional quality communication with your patients including leaflets, posters and our 90 second patient information video.


Help for you to lead change with all your staff. Staff questionnaires ensure you have consensus for change and that you understand the key issues, ambitions and fears for change that we need to support and address.


GPs benefit from our Teleconsulting Mastery eProgramme training online at their own pace and convenience.  3 hours CPD.


Our Receptionist eLearning programme gives confidence to help patients and signpost correctly and efficiently.

Continuous Improvement

Our Training Partner and full resources are there to support you throughout the year, helping sustain your success.

Comprehensive and continuous improvement of your system throughout the year.


Week 0


All the partners need to agree on the need for change, and commit to see it through.  We help you reach the decision through our Pathfinder diagnostic, involving staff and partner surveys, operational analytics with GP Navigator and modelling with Loadmaster.

Week 1

GP Navigator

Our GP Navigator suite shows your starting point, then tracks the changes as they happen week by week, so that you know exactly how fast you are responding to patients, your efficiency and continuity. It becomes a diagnostic tool, showing what changes are needed and tracking the effect of your actions. It's included for the whole year, updated weekly.

Week 2

Loadmaster, eLearning, staff training

  • Our Loadmaster model predicts how many patient calls for a GP happen each day, knowing the list size, demographics and history.  Now we can compare predicted demand with planned capacity.
  • GPs benefit from our Teleconsulting Mastery eProgramme, training online at their own pace and convenience.  3 hours CPD.  See an elearning sample clip. Our Receptionist elearning programme gives confidence to help patients and signpost correctly and efficiently.
  • Get the team together to prepare everyone for Launch and clear on how the changes impact their roles.
  • Run the whole team simulation so everyone understands the workflow.

Week 3

Website and patient communications

  • Claim your free website from our partners, or continue with your existing one, and we advise.
  • Set your website messaging for clarity and simplicity
  • Order patient leaflets and posters and start drafting your new phone message encouraging patients to use askmyGP.
  • Explain why you making changes to your Patient Participation Group and the expected benefits for patients.

Week 4

Launch Day

  • Be prepared for an amazing first day,  surprise the patients with your fast response and same day service
  • Look out for your patient feedback from day one and chart your progress over time
  • Get together as a team daily, even a 10 minute stand up meeting is enough

Weeks 5-9

Monitor and Adapt

  • Track your askmyGP performance through your live dashboard.
  • Upload data for weekly performance feedback through GP Navigator.
  • Look carefully at the demand pattern and keep GP rotas under review using Loadmaster
  • Concentrate on providing a rapid response and offering choice of GP where requested
  • Call or email your training partner without hesitation, and use our rapid response help service.

Week 12


  • Run the staff survey to get an updated view of how the change has impacted them
  • Plot your performance on the dashboard and patient survey charts
  • Hold your waypoint meeting in week 12 to review progress and ensure change embedded for longer term

Continous Improvement

  • Regular performance reviews
  • Make the most of patient feedback
  • Bring your suggestions to our usergroup and development team
  • It's a journey, not a destination
For good

Our working progressin 5 Steps

Transform also includes a 12 month subscription to our askmyGP online consultation system.


We add the askmyGP patient consultation option to your practice website


We provide online training for your practice team to show them how to set up askmyGP


We’ll give you detailed advice to ensure a good proportion of your patients use askmyGP and provide scripts for your staff to help get the message across


We’ll ensure you have sufficient capacity so that patients are delighted with the speedy response they get from using askmyGP


A starting quantity of patient leaflets and posters are included

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View Evidence

With over 100 practices using our model across the UK, we have experience in a diverse range of surgeries. Have a look at our Success Stories to see how they have transformed their way of working.

Dr Maz Sangha - GP

Dr Maz Sangha

GP, St Johns Medical Centre

“Two months into askmyGP, the feedback from the patients has been very positive. To me, that is the most important thing.”

Dr Sue Arnott

GP, North Lanarkshire

“With askmyGP, I’m now able to be a single-hander and respond to all patient requests the same day.”

Dr Barry Sullman

GP, Plaistow, East London

"This is more than a demand management system, it's a system that empowers patients, clinicians and improves the quality of care which I am delivering to patients."