What we do

Salvie Ltd has been helping GPs to manage their patient caseload since 2011. Our system for primary care is called askmyGP. The clinician-patient relationship lies at the heart of askmyGP, which keeps patients in touch with their registered practice. The practice team use askmyGP’s online triage tools to prioritise, manage and deliver care by secure message, telephone, video or face-to-face appointment.

askmyGP doctor POV

All patients or their carers can use askmyGP to ask for help from their registered practice. Patients explain their symptoms in their own words, allowing structured triage and consultation information to be passed directly to the practice.

Practices using askmyGP receive over 70% of demand online. Last year 82% of patient requests were resolved by email message or telephone at the discretion of the clinician involved. Between 5% and 10% of patient enquiries are resolved via self-care.
Choice and control for your practice team are supported through configuration and implementation options, and the wealth of analytical information available to practices is second to none.

askmyGP Enables:

Choice & Control

Retain clinical decision making by trained NHS professionals at the heart of the process. Keep control of access and demand at your practice.

Patient Identity Management

Allowing secure communication, management of continuity, detailed case history and analysis of ‘frequent flyers’.

Equity of Access

Deals with all patient demand, prioritised and managed on the basis of clinical need.

Network Management

Enabling connected care provision throughout PCNs and the wider healthcare economy.

Simple, Plain Language Interface

Allows patients to describe their problem in their own words, without complex menus or questionnaires.

Effective Triage & Prioritisation

Ensures that patient care is delivered on the basis of need, not choice of communication channel.

Superior Data & Analytics

Facilitating practice management, improvement activity and complete control over the wider effects of system usage.

What GPs say about askmyGP

Every practice is unique - see how these select three have changed in their own way.

Our most common options are described below. To find out more about the choices available, please contact us.


We provide comprehensive analysis of your operational activity, benchmarked against national data. Our experienced consultants provide detailed feedback and help you explore myths and opinions.


Happier GPs and happier patients - the consistent, repeatable outcomes through our change programme. Launch within four weeks and get full support for continuous improvement all year long.


In England the NHS GMS contract offers all patients the right to digital first primary care, including web and video consultations, by April 2021.


For groups or clusters of practices working in networks, askmyGP can be extended to allow the more efficient management of shared resources.


For CCGs, ICSs, Health Boards, federations and similar organisations, askmyGP can be extended to optimise management of shared resources at regional scale.


Build on your step change in performance with continuous improvement year after year. askmyGP included, wtih package options.