Happier GPs, happier patients

Drowning in demand, trying to do your best?

Practices tell us they struggle to meet patient demand, GPs mourn the loss of continuity, receptionists face daily abuse from patients and they’ve tried everything. Not quite...
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Why so many choose askmyGP

Our method addresses these challenges across the full spectrum of practices:

  • GP workload stress reduces significantly - no more "duty doctor" nightmare - everyone working in the same way
  • GPs feel more in control and feeling of working as a team improves
  • Reception team stress reduced as decision on appointment allocation now done by GPs based on clinical need - not patient pressure
  • Improve resilience by enabling your practice to manage demand

  • Reduces waiting time for appointments <1 day
  • Phone access issues reduce as patient learn they can phone anytime during the working day (and with askmyGP they can submit queries any time)
  • Patients like fast response
  • Most patients like not having to travel to surgery

  • Frees up GP capacity - can either take savings or invest in proactive care
  • Reduces DNAs
  • Appropriate navigation to the right clinicians

Choose your package

For those who want to offer a fully functioning online consultation service without any significant change in practice, the Basic package may be all you need. If you want to make a difference, start with Pathfinder - are you ready to change? Then decide on Transform.


  • per
  • Take advantage of GPFV funding for your CCG
  • askmyGP online consultation system
  • askmyGP setup

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  • For high-performing practices wanting to add online consultation
  • askmyGP online consultation system
  • askmyGP setup
  • GP Navigator performance suite
  • Year long improvement support



How GPs and patients feel about askmyGP

Under the GP Access model 80-90% of patients are seen by their doctor on the same day that they call.
It’s unsurprising that 86% of patients are satisfied or very satisfied with the new system.

"Trying to get through before taking the kids to school was a nightmare, and even worse ringing back after 9am and all the appointments had gone and told to ring the next day. Now you can get through anytime and get sorted the same day"


Aged 29
"It’s a wonderful system, it saves time and stops people booking appointments unnecessarily"


The Elms, Liverpool


"For the first time ever, we are dealing with all our patient demand"
"My stress has gone from one hundred to zero"

Dr Andrew Courtney

GP, Greenway Belfast