Choice and Control

askmyGP helps you keep control over access and demand at your practice and retain decision making by the trained NHS professionals at the heart of your process.

Decisions made by professionals

All triage and treatment decisions are made in the practice, with no ‘automated’ diagnosis or algorithms – avoiding the risks of false positives and false negatives in automated flagging and ensuring no changes to your medico-legal liabilities.

In all cases, disposition and care decisions are based on the clinical judgement of the practice team, and their knowledge of the patient (i.e. care decisions are made in context, not based on the patient’s selection from a list of conditions).

Control over access

Practices using askmyGP retain complete control over opening times and clinicians’ availability. Our support team will work with you to evaluate possible options based on our sophisticated analysis to help you manage your workload most effectively.

Opening hours, messages to patients, selection of clinical evaluation tools, or the onward transfer of the patients case to another service are all easily controlled by the practice.


Facilitating collaborative care

The free text interface means that patients describe their needs and expectations in their own words, allowing nuance of language and expression of choice to inform decisions. The askmyGP system encourages good communication with patients (resolving many cases at first contact) and ensures that patients quickly and easily get straight to the point – no complicated menus or options are used. No patient is diverted until their case had been checked by the practice team.

For patients, being able to choose how they access care can help manage life with a long-term condition. The options for provision of additional information or collection of further details and breadth of service options are built into the system.

askmyGP Enables:

Patient Identity Management

Equity of Access

Network Management

Simple, Plain Language Interface

Effective Triage & Prioritisation

Superior Data & Analytics