Effective Triage and Prioritisation

askmyGP ensures that patient care is delivered on the basis of need, not choice of communication channel or being first in the line.


Patient queries, symptoms and contextual information are exchanged securely with their registered GP practice:

  • Clear presentation of patient submissions and preferences with tags to aid decision making
  • Cases may be ‘flagged’ according to priority of need, or other factors relevant to clinical workflow (e.g. urgency, visit request)
  • Direct two-way confidential messaging service between clinicians and their patients (this is controlled by the practice and can be terminated when required).
  • Ability for the practice to send patient information, attachments and web links back to patients
  • Ability to capture patient wellbeing scores through use of validated questionnaire such as PHQ9 for depression and GAD7 for anxiety or WEMWBS for wellbeing
  • We support diversion of workflow according to e.g. ‘out of hours’ and other rules controlled by practices.

askmyGP allows for requests submitted by telephone or a walk-in visit to be entered into the system by practice staff. Patients are asked the same questions as if they were completing the request online. This leads to consistency in information gathering. In this way, the system provides practices with a complete workflow solution and ensures equity of access.

Online triage tools ensure prioritisation of all caseload, regardless of source (including red/amber flags to prioritise cases). Triage and consultation models and templates are configurable to support practices’ preferred workflow structure, subject to appropriate clinical governance.

Flexible according to your practice and patients’ needs

  • with most of our patient requests online, I choose how I and my team respond to each one. We have time to care and time for a life
  • askmyGP has completely transformed patient access. Patients now get advice and support from the most appropriate member of our team within 1 hour and a same day appointment if needed.

askmyGP Enables:

Choice & Control

Patient Identity Management

Equity of Access

Network Management

Simple, Plain Language Interface

Superior Data & Analytics