For groups or clusters of practices working in networks with other services, askmyGP can be extended to allow the more efficient management of shared resources.

Through the askmyGP system, patient requests can be directed by their practices to specialist clinics or services, such as physiotherapy, community mental health or diagnostic services, according to which partner in the network is providing the service.

Care networks

With people living longer, many with long term conditions, demand for care is increasing and practices across the UK are working together to share resources more effectively within their networks. askmyGP helps them manage this growing demand.

askmyGP - Transform Express

Connecting healthcare professionals

Networks of care between practices, specialist clinics, care services and hospital departments are central to the NHS as it adapts to meet the growing demand for patient care.

askmyGP connects services in these networks to manage patient caseload through the same trusted and proven digital triage tools currently being used with great effect by individual GP practices.

  • Helps practices co-ordinate and integrate care
  • Seamless connection between care providers
  • Practice maintains patient/doctor relationship
  • Extends across small and large networks of care
  • Adaptable for community, mental health, social care, pharmacy, hospital and voluntary services

askmyGP Enables:

Choice & Control

Patient Identity Management

Equity of Access

Simple, Plain Language Interface

Effective Triage & Prioritisation

Superior Data & Analytics