Please find the askmyGP link on your own practice website

We make it easier for patients to get help from their own GP - not from here.

  • Many thousands of patients use askmyGP each week to contact their GP, through their practice website.
  • If you don't know the web address of your surgery, a search will usually find it in seconds.
  • If your practice offers askmyGP, you will see the icon on the homepage.  You can start now and send your request straight away.  You do not need to visit in person beforehand.  askmyGP is for you, your child or someone you care for, so long as they are a registered patient at the practice.
  • We welcome feedback from patients after you have used the service.
  • If your practice doesn't yet offer askmyGP, suggest to your GP or practice manager that they take a look at what we do and get in touch.  Watch the videos and see how we make happier GPs as well as happier patients.
  • This site does not respond to any patient queries as we provide no medical advice ourselves.