Transform Express

Switch to online triage and remote consulting in under 24 hours

Move from pre-booked face-to-face appointments to a digital first, demand led system today.

This fully supported system from askmyGP is ready for staff and patients to use on the day of order.

It enables your practice to manage over two thirds of patient requests remotely and immediately replaces your old system.  Staff login credentials may be shared with permission between multiple providers, remotely or to support physical hubs.

  • GPs, ANPs and Clinical Pharmacists switch to remote working for all patient demand from day one.
  • Patient demand switches typically 80% to online, while telephone is still welcome.  Works for parents and carers too, who make 15% of requests.
  • Access is measured in minutes, and continuity is enhanced as patients may name a preferred GP.
  • Intuitive to learn, supported by our team and the askmyGP online Academy
  • Live analytics chart your performance from day one.
  • Learn more from our on-demand webinar:  How, but first Why, askmyGP works
  • Commissioners, hear from Trafford and Bury CCGs on Implementing remote digital triage at scale.

Scroll down to see what's included, pricing and how to order.

What's included?

  • Checklist of essential actions to launch next day with a clean sheet, training users and guiding communication with patients.
  • Full support provided by your personal training partner, rapid support desk and online knowledge base.
  • Immediate and long-term benefits with a more responsive, efficient and flexible service for your staff and patients.
askmyGP - Transform Express

What happens when you order?

  • We create your system immediately and guide you through implementation and setup.
  • All our resources are available to you, introduced by your training partner.
  • A new free practice website is included if required – keep your domain name, simply request when you order.



£1.90 per patient for year one, and in subsequent years Improve at 79p annually or 7p per patient per month, plus VAT. Ask about our payment plan for self-funding practices.

Our offer is based on value for money and return on investment, whether practice or CCG funded.  Please compare our outcomes on askmyGP live with publicly available evidence for alternatives.


Discounts for PCNs, Health Boards, CCGs

10% discount applies for a whole PCN ordered together. Individual practices starting early will receive the 10% refund if the whole PCN launches within 6 months.

Whole CCGs and Health Boards benefit from a 20% discount ordered together, with individual practices receiving the discount if the CCG orders within 6 months.

Comprehensive analytics at aggregate levels are included at no extra cost, to enable system-wide knowledge of demand and performance.

View Evidence

With over 100 practices using our model across the UK, we have experience in a diverse range of surgeries. Have a look at our Success Stories to see how they have transformed their way of working.

Dr Dave Triska - GP

Dr Dave Triska

GP, Witley & Milford Surgeries

"Within just 3 days of askmyGP, every single person who wanted to see me did. I had lunch, tea breaks saw colleagues. No dramas."


Dr Maz Sangha - GP

Dr Maz Sangha

GP, St Johns Medical Centre

“Two months into askmyGP, the feedback from the patients has been very positive. To me, that is the most important thing.”

Dr Sue Arnott

GP, North Lanarkshire

“With askmyGP, I’m now able to be a single-hander and respond to all patient requests the same day.”