Enjoy unlimited usage of askmyGP and access to support for as long as you want. The benefits of askmyGP remain available to you and your patients with no caps on usage, or hidden ‘per message’ fees.

Our open pricing structure means that return on investment increases over the long term – licensing and support costs decrease over time, while benefits remain.

askmyGP online consultations

Unlimited volume and access to all the most advanced askmyGP features and dashboards. Automatic upgrades and training with every new release.

GP Navigator analytics

Weekly updates to our unique GP Navigator suite enabling you to measure operational performance in detail and fine tune for efficiency, saving you time.

Loadmaster planning

Our Loadmaster demand & capacity planning system means you can easily match your clinician rotas to predicted demand, ensuring a smooth flow of work every day of the week.

Video consultations, on demand

Our video solution needs no download or setup and works with any online patient device. One click sends the link to create a secure video call. More convenient for both parties, it often saves a face to face consultation. Meets new GP contract requirements.

Isabel Symptom Checker

Isabel uses a unique machine learning architecture to suggest possible differential diagnoses from any number of symptoms. It helps patients to understand their symptoms, while GPs find its suggestions invaluable for the few most puzzling cases.

NHS Spine integration

Save time with every patient user as you upload in real time full details and NHS number through our seamless integration. Improves security, accuracy and enables further integrations through the validated NHS number.

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With over 100 practices using our model across the UK, we have experience in a diverse range of surgeries. Have a look at our Success Stories to see how they have transformed their way of working.

Dr Maz Sangha - GP

Dr Maz Sangha

GP, St Johns Medical Centre

“Two months into askmyGP, the feedback from the patients has been very positive. To me, that is the most important thing.”

Dr Sue Arnott

GP, North Lanarkshire

“With askmyGP, I’m now able to be a single-hander and respond to all patient requests the same day.”

Dr Barry Sullman

GP, Plaistow, East London

"This is more than a demand management system, it's a system that empowers patients, clinicians and improves the quality of care which I am delivering to patients."