Dr Maz Sangha - GP

“Life before askmyGP, I have been here 18 years and we have tried lots of different methods to have an appointment system, that allows same day urgent access and appropriate time for chronic disease.

But the problem was our on-call days were getting unmanageable with up to 100 calls for our on-call GPs, which then others would have to help with, in the afternoon so we needed a new way of working.

We need to embrace, the population now wants access on their smartphone and askmyGP seems to be the answer to that.

Two months in, the feedback from the patients has been very positive. To me, that is the most important thing.

I would not go back to the old system now. Most patients don’t need to come into the surgery, you don’t need to physically see them. The data shows it goes roughly a third, a third, a third, face to face, telephone and messaging. The biggest thing about that is the patients you see face to face, are given time. I saw somebody recently who has been diagnosed with cancer, I could spend time with him, rather than thinking I’ve got 10 minutes and then I’ve got a surgery, I think from that point of view it allows you to plan the day better, and to give better care so that’s the big thing.

To go back to the old system where you virtually forced everyone to come in would be a step backwards."

St Johns Medical Centre - askmyGP

St Johns Medical Centre Receptionist's view on askmyGP

  • We’ve already found the service enables us to treat more patients more quickly with consultation times cut as patients have already briefed us of their symptoms online. Thus, doctors are able to dedicate more time to patients with more complex conditions.
    Janice Ball - Receptionist

Ready for

happier patients,

happier GPs?

Dreading the 8am Monday morning onslaught? Struggling to recruit GPs?
Worried you’re disappointing your patients?

The good news is there is another, better, happier way. That way is askmyGP.
At askmyGP, we make it easier for patients to get help from their own doctor and for GPs to give the best care to all their patients.

We do this by providing a complete workflow solution for the consistent management of demand in practices, regardless of list size, population demographic or practice structure.

Dr Maz Sangha - GP

Dr Maz Sangha

GP, St Johns Medical Centre



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Altrincham, Manchester


Urban Practice

Patient population is of the least deprived with 25% of the population over 60 years of age.

This population is reported by the GPs as very health aware.

Dr Barry Sullman

GP, Plaistow, East London

Dr Sue Arnott

GP, North Lanarkshire