askmyGP enables practices to deliver their own video consultations

In England the NHS GMS contract offers all patients the right to digital first primary care, including web and video consultations, by April 2021.

askmyGP enables practices to meet the requirement in full.

  • Patients access their own practice directly through a secure video link
  • Clinicians control call initiation, duration and termination
  • Continuity of care is maintained
  • No call charges for patients
  • No change to indemnity


Free to patients, no hidden costs or advertising.

No extra costs for practices

Included with Transform, Improve Pro and Networks packages.


Delivered over secure encrypted peer-to-peer connection using WebRTC

Nothing to download, works on any device

All modern browsers supported (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari).

Why use an online doctor, when you can see your doctor online?

No app to download secure

No app to download

askmyGP No need to change surgeries

No need to change surgeries

Works on any device with a camera

Works on any device with a camera

Your own NHS GP initiates the call

See your doctor online

Same day appointments with your own GP. Talk face-to-face with any member of your practice team on your mobile, tablet or laptop today.

  • Video consultations via askmyGP are secure, personal and free
  • No registration changes – you are seen by your own doctor
  • No software or app to download
  • Diagnosis and advice from your own NHS GP Team
  • No appointments fees, no private prescription charges, no fees for referrals, no membership fees
  • Available to all patients registered at the practice
See your doctor online askmyGP

View Evidence

With over 100 practices using our model across the UK, we have experience in a diverse range of surgeries. Have a look at our Success Stories to see how they have transformed their way of working.

Dr Maz Sangha - GP

Dr Maz Sangha

GP, St Johns Medical Centre

“Two months into askmyGP, the feedback from the patients has been very positive. To me, that is the most important thing.”

Dr Sue Arnott

GP, North Lanarkshire

“With askmyGP, I’m now able to be a single-hander and respond to all patient requests the same day.”

Dr Barry Sullman

GP, Plaistow, East London

"This is more than a demand management system, it's a system that empowers patients, clinicians and improves the quality of care which I am delivering to patients."