"It's very hard to improve if you don't know how you are doing."  Prof Don Berwick


Navigator allows you to deal with the content and make the decisions which save you hours of time.  We do the maths and present your information in easy to read charts on your own private webpage.  We analyse and comment, compare with peers and advise where you may make valuable changes through expert online and telephone support.

Demand and capacity planning:

  • Understand demand by week, by day, by hour, by phone and face to face
  • Track response and waiting times, the keys to efficiency and patient satisfaction
  • Use Loadmaster to match your supply of GP sessions precisely to demand
  • End the 8am rush as patients gain confidence in your service

Continuity - read how we measure it

  • GP - patient continuity is key to clinical safety and professional satisfaction
  • Calculated statistically from your data each month, you design how to change it.
  • No longer a luxury, better continuity reduces workload as problems are dealt with.
  • Patients will love your service when continuity works


  • Resolve rate, what proportion completed remotely
  • Duration of consultations both average over time and by frequency distribution
  • DNAs, trend over time, at last you will see a difference
  • Waiting time in the surgery, so frustrating to patients

See some of the gains made with the help of Navigator through our case studies.